My SAM Story



I had no idea what Smile-A-Mile was until God placed it in my life at the most perfect time. As a student at Auburn University with a Human Development and Families Studies major with a concentration in Child Life I am always seeking opportunities to love on others and gain experience. Smile-A-Mile became that new opportunity for me when Ame and Stephanie spoke to one of my classes the Fall of my sophomore year. I had been praying for more opportunities to come along to help me grow both as a student and person. After they spoke, I immediately knew that it was meant for me to be involved with this incredible organization as a volunteer. The opportunity turned out to be more than I expected when I was asked to be the summer intern. 

As the summer intern, I am able to interact with children and their families in a variety of ways. The main way I get to make relationships with them is through the camp sessions that occur over the summer. There are six camp sessions total and each one is different. Being able to attend all of them allows me to meet all the volunteers, staff, families and children which has been the biggest blessing. It also allows me to experience what each camp is like and help in making each one the best it can be for everyone who attends. 

My time spent with Smile-A-Mile as the summer intern will be one of the best summers of my life. The impact Smile-A-Mile has had on me so far as well as every person they come into contact with is truly amazing. I never expected Smile-A-Mile to be a part of my life, but I am so thankful that it is now such a huge part of it and always will be. I am just one of the many people who are forever thankful for Smile-A-Mile. 

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