My SAM Story



Bre’s favorite Smile-A-Mile memory is participating in Day Camp this year. She enjoyed spending the day at SAM Place and playing with her clinic friends. But most of all, drinking from the water fountain and telling Ms. Kellie “It’s the best water ever!” After her first Day Camp during Spring Break, she informed me she was going to “All of them”.

Bre was almost 3 when she was diagnosed with Pre B ALL and finished treatment on November 8, 2018; exactly one week before her 5th birthday.

We missed On Therapy Family camp that first year and I was nervous about going the next year. Madison talked with us in clinic one day and encouraged me to sign up. And I am so thankful I did. We had a blast that weekend and my only complaint was it wasn’t long enough.

This year, we attended our first Off Therapy Family camp and Bre is already talking about going back next year all by herself.