My SAM Story



Remarkable stories told by so many of my favorite people on the planet! As we come to the end of September and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I want to thank all of you who shared your stories throughout the month. What a Family!

My story began in late 2005 with a friend’s invitation to volunteer on the SAM Board of Directors. I quickly saw the amazing impact of the organization and was lucky enough to serve as Board President in 2008 during my five-year board term. I shed some tears at my final board meeting in December 2010 because I thought my active involvement was coming to an end.

But then on October 1, 2011, thanks to several moments of serendipity along the way, I was given the incredible opportunity to join the staff of SAM. The last eight years have simply been the most rewarding and special of my life. I have learned, with certainty, what is important in life and the impact of being part of something far greater than one’s self. I am fortunate to be able to stand with so many devoted volunteers and a staff that though small in numbers has a mighty passion and a commitment to excellence (along with the hearts of servants). This is a labor of love for us.

And the beauty of it all is that we get infinitely more back from the kids and families we serve than we give to them. The SAM kids and families have taught me lessons of grace, strength, courage, perspective, perseverance, joy, hope, healing, love and…. to absolutely always fight like a kid and never give up! You are my heroes! Thank you for letting me be part of your journey and forever blessing my journey. It is for you we will always DREAM BIG. You are loved!
And let there be no mistake, although we turn the page on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we will continue EVERY day to be there for you—WE FIGHT WITH YOU!