Summer Camp Sessions

On Therapy Family Camp

Friday – Sunday

This session is for on therapy patients, up to 18 years old, and their immediate families, including siblings up to 18 years old. Participants enjoy an array of activities that foster relaxation, fellowship and fun. At least one parent must attend. Patients and siblings, ages 5 and older, are assigned to volunteer counselors who assist them with their activities and stay in the cabin with them. Patients and siblings ages 4 and under stay in a private room with their parent(s) and are also assigned a volunteer counselor. All other parents stay separate from their children.

SAM at HOME 2020

We hope you enjoy your SAM at Home 2020 On-Therapy Camp in a Box! Make sure to share your photos with us and we can’t wait to be back together in person soon!

On-Therapy Family Camp Craft with Jane Ann: YouTube Tutorial

*All the supplies that are needed for this craft can be found in your camp box.

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