My SAM Story



Smile-A-Mile is a wonderful place. The name says it ALL. I love going to camp and meeting all the campers. Smile-A-Mile means a lot to my family and me. My brother is 8 years old and he loves going to camp. I love all the volunteers, they make you feel very loved.

This all started when my knee started hurting like crazy! At first I didn’t think nothing of it but then it started hurting more. I kept on complaining to momma about it until she finally took me to the hospital. They did a few tests on my knee and they told me something was on my knee. First they didn’t know what it was so they took me to another hospital. After running more tests they told my momma they would call her with the results. When they called my momma with the results, my childhood cancer journey began.

One of my favorite memories is when I played mafia – that was pretty fun. What Smile-A-Mile means to me is that they don’t care who you are, they will treat you with respect and like family its magic every time. They are always there for you!

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